Faculty Regalia

Academic regalia should be worn at most college, school and departmental convocation ceremonies and the university-wide commencement ceremony. For those who may need to acquire regalia, several options exist.

You may purchase or rent regalia through the University Co-op or from the institution from which you received your degree. For those purchasing from the University-Co-op, the following deadlines apply.

Deadline to Purchase Doctoral Regalia March 31, 2019
Deadline to Rent Doctoral Regalia April 14, 2019
Deadline to Purchase Master's Degree Regalia May 5, 2019

Faculty Regalia Loan Program

The University Co-op has established a loan program for faculty who may not own regalia so that they may participate in Commencement activities. The regalia are provided at no cost. Please contact your college or school regalia representative to sign up for the program.

The regalia package consists of a black doctor's gown and mortarboard (no hood). The Co-op does not have doctoral hoods available to loan. The faculty member can wear his or her own hood, borrow a hood, rent a hood from the Co-op, or go without one.

College or School Representative Email Representative Phone Number
School of Architecture Jasmin Blas-Mendieta 512-471-1992
McCombs School of Business Monica Horvat 512-471-3952
Moody College of Communication Jennifer Porras 512-471-1553
College of Education Kyla Achard 512-232-8128
Cockrell School of Engineering Annette Perrone 512-471-1166
College of Fine Arts Christine Wong 512-475-6388
Jackson School of Geosciences Anthony Wright 512-471-4670
School of Information Veronica Zarr 512-471-2397
School of Law Courtney Brown 512-232-1116
College of Liberal Arts Jessica Mahoney 512-232-3336
College of Natural Sciences Heather Leigh 512-232-0698
School of Nursing Rita Ruiz 512-471-5237
College of Pharmacy Tom Bowie 512-475-9753
LBJ School of Public Affairs Rosanna D'Sousa 512-232-4004
Steve Hicks School of Social Work Julie Cunniff 512-471-0562