Grand Procession Instructions

Arrive at the Littlefield Fountain by 7:30 p.m.

The Grand Procession of Degree Candidates marks the beginning of the university-wide commencement ceremony. Degree candidates from each college and school will gather in their designated marshaling area in and around the Littlefield Fountain and will be led by faculty marshals to reserved seating on the Main Mall. In leading the procession, marshals are easily identified by the decorative and historic ceremonial mace they carry. UT’s collection of maces symbolize academic authority and position. Wood and carving for some of the maces came from Old Main, UT’s first academic structure built in the 1880s. The UT Tower now occupies the same place on campus as the Old Main Building and serves as the setting for the university-wide commencement ceremony.

Grand Procession Instructions

Degree candidates participating in the Grand Procession will be required to present a ticket as they begin the procession. Make sure to get yours before Commencement.

On the evening of the university-wide commencement ceremony, degree candidates should arrive at the Littlefield Fountain between 7 and 7:30 p.m. and line up in the marshaling area designated for their specific college or school. The location of these assembly areas is detailed on the marshaling area map. Signs and banners with the name of each college or school will identify the marshaling areas.

A chart of the seating area for each college and school on the Main Mall is available to help family and friends identify in which area you will be seated. The seating chart identifies the side of the South Mall on which each college and school will process.

The Grand Procession of Degree Candidates will begin following the Tower chimes at 8 p.m.

Graduate Students

The Graduate School certifies degrees for most graduate students. Given the nature of certain programs, however, some graduate students are more closely aligned with their specific college or school. Therefore, two options exist for graduate students when they line up in the marshaling area for the Grand Procession: students may assemble in the Graduate School marshaling area and sit in the Graduate Degrees section or they may assemble in the marshaling area for their specific college or school and sit with those colleagues. You must determine in which of the two areas you will marshal and be seated when picking up your ticket for the Grand Procession.

Disability Services for Students

The procession route includes outdoor terrain, stairways and covers a considerable distance. Degree candidates with disabilities, who need accommodations to participate in either a convocation ceremony or the university-wide commencement ceremony, are asked to contact their college, school or department representative to ensure proper arrangements are made prior to arrival at Commencement activities. For additional questions or assistance, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities office. The office is open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please call 512-471-6259 (Voice) or 866-329-3986 (Videophone) for more information.

Accommodation requests must be made five business days in advance of Commencement programs. While every effort will be made, the University may be unable to fulfill last-minute requests. On Saturday, May 25, information is available by calling the University Police Department at 512-471-4441 or by TDD 512-471-4777.