College & School Contacts

For information on specific convocations and special events, please call colleges, schools and departments in advance. 

College, School or Department Contact Phone Number
Cockrell School of Engineering Pam Vrabel 512-471-4321
College of Education Kristen Moore 512-232-8128
College of Fine Arts Kim Nguyen 512-475-7032
College of Liberal Arts
Katie Foster 512-475-8507
College of Liberal Arts
Dept. Office 512-471-5736
College of Liberal Arts
Jenna Bacorn 512-232-7259
College of Liberal Arts
Martha Gonzalez 512-471-7670
College of Liberal Arts
Mexican American Studies
Natasha Saldaña 512-471-2134
College of Liberal Arts
Plan II Honors Program
Mary Dillman 512-471-1442
College of Liberal Arts
Gina Pollard 512-471-5175
College of Liberal Arts
All Other Liberal Arts Programs
Katie Lathrop 512-471-4271
College of Natural Sciences Heather Leigh 512-472-0698
College of Pharmacy Tom Bowie 512-475-9753
Dell Medical School Amanda Tofflemire 512-495-5048
Graduate School
Master's and Doctoral Degrees
Danielle Thoma 512-232-3624
Jackson School of Geosciences Nicole Evans 512-471-2916
LBJ School of Public Affairs Laura McDonald 512-232-4010
McCombs School of Business
All Undergraduate Business Programs
Erica Garza 512-471-0682
McCombs School of Business
Master of Business Administration
Amanda Congdon 512-471-7698
McCombs School of Business
Master in Professional Accounting
Makenzie Kleszcz 512-471-6559
McCombs School of Business
Master of Science in Technology Commercialization
Stuart Bone 512-471-4700
McCombs School of Business
Master of Science in Finance, Business Analytics, Marketing 
Allison Wilden 512-232-9218
Moody College of Communication Cindy Patiño 512-471-1553
School of Architecture Maria Carlsen 512-471-5111
School of Information Rebecca Sawyer 512-471-3821
School of Law Elizabeth Bangs 512-232-1313
School of Nursing Yaritza "Rita" Ruiz 512-471-5237
Steve Hicks School of Social Work Sharon Brennan 512-471-0562